Housemates played fun tasks virutally hosted by ex-'Bigg Boss' contestants including Vanitha, Sandy and others.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 updates Deepavali celebrations no eviction this week
Flix Entertainment Monday, November 16, 2020 - 14:12
Written by  Digital Native

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 saw another no-elimination week owing to the Deepavali celebrations. However the house had some intense moments. Anitha picked up a fight with Rio over cooking plans and didn't return the care she got from Rio and other housemates.

Contestants wrote heartfelt letters to people they missed the most.

Luxury task bombed this week as Bala misunderstood his role in Paati-Sollai-Thattaadhe. He made way for zero budget. However, they were able to enjoy the items they got due to festivities. Bala apologised but the other maintained their disappointment.

Gaby-Shivani-Bala developed a rift and Bala was made to believe that his honesty was being questioned. Suchithra supported Bala only to get snapped. She expressed her disappointment for being treated like a third wheel by Bala and Shivani.

Sanam and Aari got into an argument over food wastage, ended up questioning involvements of each other. Sanam was upset over her inability to perform with Bala burst out, and apologised for the same to Kamal.

Housemates played fun tasks virutally hosted by ex-Bigg Boss contestants including Vanitha, Sandy and others. Anitha again snapped with Aari when dealing with food rationing. Kamal pointed out that she is quick to react but the later did not seem to understand the former's advice.

During the weekend episode, contestants celebrated Deepavali with Kamal. Kamal entered in a white dhoti, and black shirt looking elite with the mass background music from his upcoming movie Vikram’s teaser. He began his speech talking about Deepavali and he reminded people about the ongoing pandemic.

The celebration had a play and a performance to showcase their talents. Gaby's dance, Aajeedh-Suchi's singing, Nisha's stand-up, Rio-Archana's fun skit and more followed. Kamal jumped into the performance bandwagon and enacted his most memorable lines from his films. Housemates also showed how much they cared for plants they brought with them.

Kamal Haasan gave a fun task in which there were different crackers laid out on table and contestants were asked to give one of the crackers to co-contestants based on their character. 

Gun was given to Sanam with an explanation that she can either fire or just trigger, Balaji was given the rocket, Shivani was given the oosivedi. Shivani gave the atom bomb to Rio with the disclaimer that he is slow to show anger but when he does, it is big.

Aari was appreciated for his captaincy and Aajeedh will be the upcoming week's captain.