'Bigg Boss' contestant Saravanan apologises for 'small mistake' of molestation

Saravanan was called to the confession room and he claimed that he'd been cut off in the previous episode and that he'd wanted to tell people not to repeat his 'small mistakes'.
'Bigg Boss' contestant Saravanan apologises for 'small mistake' of molestation
'Bigg Boss' contestant Saravanan apologises for 'small mistake' of molestation
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The Bigg Boss episode on Saturday turned sour for many when contestant Saravanan confessed to have groped women in public transport vehicles during his college days. Furthermore, host Kamal Haasan’s reaction and the laughter and clapping from the audience in response to this statement irked many. Several people, including singer Chinmayi, slammed the irresponsible way in which the show had normalised sexual harassment.

Following widespread disapproval, the "Bigg Boss” of the house invited Saravanan into the confession room on Monday’s episode.

“This show and the channel does not put up with any form of activity that insults a woman. You will now have to offer an unconditional apology to the people for the views you expressed the other day,” boomed the voice of Bigg Boss inside the confession room almost towards the end of the episode.

Saravanan, seated inside the dark room, claimed that he'd been cut off before he could finish the full statement. “I've done a lot of small mistakes during my college days, just like everyone else. I wanted to add that no one should make such mistakes but I was cut off before I could finish. I did not want to hurt anyone. I did this by mistake as a young man. But I share such experiences with people to warn them against it. Don't make mistakes like me is a message I keep insisting to everyone. I am not the same person now. I once again apologise if I had hurt anyone,” he said.  

Sexual harassment is a crime punishable under law. The repercussions of the act are far from being "small" and despite the outrage, Saravanan still does not seem to have grasped the enormity of his actions and why there was so much anger over what he'd said.

The Saturday exchange took place when the show’s host Kamal Haasan was speaking directly to contestants Meera Mithun, Cheran and Saravanan regarding Meera's accusation that Cheran had touched her inappropriately. In the discussion, Kamal had pointed out that it was common for men to molest women in public transport when Saravanan enthusiastically raised his hand to add that he'd gotten inside buses specifically to grope women during his college days. Meera was evicted from the house by the end of that episode.

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