A Twitter user saw an unusual signboard β€” four black dots on a white background β€” at the Hope Farm signal in Whitefield and wondered what it meant.

A signboard with four dots on white background.Twitter/ Aniruddha Mukherjee
news Traffic Signboard Thursday, August 04, 2022 - 13:55

An unusual traffic signboard was observed by a commuter in Bengaluru's Whitefield, who took to Twitter to share a picture. Bengaluru traffic police in Whitefield responded to his tweet, explaing what the new signboard β€” four black dots on a white background β€” meant.

Aniruddha Mukharjee, a Twitter user, had shared a picture of the signboard he spotted at the Hope Farm signal in Whitefield. He wrote, "What traffic symbol is this? @wftrps @blrcitytraffic. This is put up just before Hopefarm signal."

What traffic symbol is this?@wftrps @blrcitytraffic

This is put up just before Hopefarm signal!#curious pic.twitter.com/OLwW9gZiyy

β€” Aniruddha Mukherjee (@yesanirudh) August 1, 2022

Explaining the caution commuters must exercise around blind people, Bengaluru traffic police responded promptly and explained, "Dear Sir, that is a cautionary sign board which (warns) that a blind person may likely be on the road (and so you must) exercise caution while driving. There is a school (for blind people) at Hope Farm Junction where this board is placed. Regards."

Dear Sir,
That is a Cautionary sign board which tells about a possible blind person likely on the road. Exercise caution while driving.
There is a blind school at hopefarm junction where this board is placed.

β€” WHITEFIELD TRAFFIC PS BTP (@wftrps) August 1, 2022

The tweet stated that the sign board is a cautionary notice board that informs that a blind person can be present on the road and that commuters need to exercise caution while driving. It also mentioned that there is a school for the blind at Hope Farm junction.

Another Twitter user explained that this sign has been mentioned in the Code of Road Signs issued by the Indian Roads Congress β€” the national body for standards on roads and construction of highways. Rule 15.36 prescribes the sign meant to notify commuters that deaf or blind persons are likely to be there on the road ahead. β€œThis sign is posted only near the schools or institutions meant for hearing impaired persons and blind persons,” the rule states.

Twitter users originally mistook the warning for a pothole and questioned why the sign did not provide a clear explanation. Others offered recommendations for what else might be done.

"Normally a Visually Handicapped person is shown a white cane. The sign of White Cane on Zebra Crossing could have been more appropriate." wrote one user. Another user wrote, "I thought this sign was to alert you that there are potholes ahead!"

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