Flix Monday, May 25, 2015 - 05:30
Monkey Maze, a play school in Indira Nagar, has shut down the centre after a woman alleged that the school allowed a male watchman to take her daughter to the toilet and that it, in doing so, it had violated her trust.   The play school authorities have agreed that the lapse was from their side. “Under no circumstances should a man have escorted a girl to the bathroom. This is my fault (and) I should have trained my staff better or had stricter rules,” Anitha Garimella, who owns and runs the playschool in Indira Nagar, told Bangalore Mirror.    "I would like to introspect (upon) all this first (and) until then I am shutting down the facility. We were supposed to shift to a new location next week but now all plans have been cancelled,” she said, adding that she cannot go on giving justification to more people.    Nitya Shivraman, in a Facebook post which has now gone viral, wrote that when her daughter approached a teacher, “who was busy talking on the phone”, for going to the loo, the teacher directed the male watchman to take her instead.   The watchman, Nitya wrote, made her daughter “stand on a normal western toilet where he watered his hands and cleaned her private areas many times.” Her daughter told her that she was made to feel very “uncomfortable”.    “This is a violation to me. This is a violation of my trust that my child would be protected, not given as an opportunity for some unknown man to molest,” Nitya added.     After the post started getting shared and being discussed on social media, Anitha apologised for the incident through a comment on Nitya’s post.    She stated that the watchman, who is in his sixties, has a clean track record and that he “proceeded to clean her in the way he knew best.”     Accepting that the school “endangered the child in letting the watchman clean her”, Anitha wrote, “Please note there was NO other violation of the child. Her daughter felt uncomfortable because he was a stranger. He is not a paedophile.”    Anitha also said that, “As a firm believer in protecting children and adults, even men from abuse, it was a big lapse in process. My own children have been in Monkey Maze for several years and never has such an incident occurred. I do feel terrible about the trauma the child went through.”   Read Nitya Shivraman full post here: Bengaluru play school mired in controversy after parent alleges misconduct with child     
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