Bengaluru men attack ice cream parlour after being refused banana split

The staff said it was too late for any fruit shop to be open to buy bananas
Banana split
Banana split
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In spite of producing CCTV footage as proof of attack on a Bengaluru ice cream parlour on February 7, the city police are yet to nab the accused who were refused to be served their favourite ice cream.

Three men allegedly attacked employees at an ice cream parlour in Bengaluru around closing time last Sunday. The whole incident was recorded in the CCTV camera and has been produced as proof by the store owner to the police.

Bangalore Mirror reported that the incident happened on February 7 at 11:00PM at Polar Bear in Chandra layout in Bengaluru. They allegedly assaulted the cashier when they were told their favourite banana-split ice cream could not be made as the fruit was not available.

Initially the trio downed the shutters of the show even as other customers, including women and children were inside. The incident escalated from an altercation to violent behaviour after the cashier refused to get bananas exclusively for their order as it was too late in the night for any fruit shop to be open. Staffers who rushed to help the cashier were also beaten up by the other two miscreants reported BM.

“The place was crowded with families, women and children having their dessert, and these men walked in. They created a huge ruckus and beat up the cashier when they were told the banana split was not available. They rolled down the shutters and several other customers – mainly women and children huddled in a corner, fearing for their safety. When a few customers tried to help the staff, they too were beaten up by the three men,” said a source to BM.

They also allegedly warned the staff and the customers against contacting the police before they left, reported BM

The outlet franchisee owner Charithra Rai, who came a day after the incident, filed a complaint seeking protection from the goons.

“We have provided CCTV footage of the incident to the police. Two of the men have visited our parlour earlier, but we do not remember having seen the man who initiated the fight before,” Rai said.

A case has been registered against the trio for criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt.

This is an aggregated report from Bangalore Mirror

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