Irfan managed to get loan from banks using the PAN Card number of Sharma

Bengaluru man steals identity of Hyderabad techie gets jobs and takes out loans on his nameImage: Warnings /Pixabay
news Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 09:40

Ravi Shankar Sharma, a software engineer from Hyderabad was confused and shocked when he was refused a loan by a bank for being a defaulter. He enquired with the Credit Information Bureau (CIBIL) and learnt that two credit cards were issued by two different private banks in the city in his name, and a loan of Rs.80,000 was taken from a finance company, which he had failed to pay in the last three months.

Shankar Sharma the reported to the police that an unknown person had acquired two credit cards and a loan in his name. The mystery was solved when the sleuths of Central Crime Branch (CCB) arrested a 31-year-old Mohammad Irfan who allegedly managed to get a job in software companies by using stolen documents belonging to the software engineer.

Irfan managed to get loan from banks using the PAN Card number of Sharma.

A Deccan Chronicle report quoted a police official saying, “The person using these two cards had defaulted on the payment of dues. As Mr. Shama’s grievance was not redressed even after he approached the two private banks, RBI had advised him to approach police. Based on his complaint, the investigation was started and it was found that the two credit cards and loan were linked to a salary account of Convergys India Services Ltd., in the name of Ravi Shankar Sharma. The employee had the same father’s name and PAN card number that of the complainant.  The employee of Convergys working in the name of Ravi Shankar Sharma was questioned and he confessed that he is actually Mohammed Irfan.”

The police found that Ravi Shankar Sharma and the accused had met at a job interview in 2008, when Irfan got his hands on the documents.

Mohammed Irfan is a resident of Ganganagar in Bengaluru was working as a Quality Manager in a reputed IT firm.

Irfan, who is originally from Goa had moved to Hubbali with his mother. He discontinued his diploma as he faced financial constraints. He failed to find a job due to lack of educational qualification.

"He met Sharma while attending an interview in 2008. When they went out for coffee after the interview, Irfan managed to get the marks card, resume, pan card and other documents of Sharma. Using the stolen testimonials, he first got a job in Mphasis and later at Convergys in the name of Ravi Shankar Sharma,” said the police to the newspaper.

According the newspaper report, the 31-year-old had managed to establish himself as Ravi Shankar Sharma at work, while his neighbourhood knew him as Irfan.

“Irfan has an election ID, PAN card and Aadhar card in his name.  Later, he also managed to get a PAN card bearing the same number of the PAN card of Mr. Sharma but with his photo,” added the police.