Bengaluru man dies after wife allegedly kicks him in the testicles

The man is believed to be HIV positive, allegedly forced himself on his wife.
Bengaluru man dies after wife allegedly kicks him in the testicles
Bengaluru man dies after wife allegedly kicks him in the testicles
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The man, who the wife claims was HIV positive, was allegedly trying to force himself on her.

A male resident of Bytarayanapura in Bengaluru died in the wee hours of Sunday morning after his wife allegedly kicked him in the testicles.

According to the Bytarayanapur police, the 35-year-old woman claimed that she acted in self-defense as her husband, who is HIV positive, tried to force himself on her, TOI reported.

Speaking to The News Minute, a senior police officer said that the accused’s husband allegedly arrived home drunk and woke her up and sought intercourse.

“The woman then told him to stay away fearing that she would contract the virus. He allegedly tried to force himself on her. She then kicked him in the testicles. She told us that her husband struggled because of the pain for a while. She assumed it was because of the kick. After a few minutes, he stopped wailing and was not moving. It was then she realised that he was dead,” the officer said.

The couple had married 15 years ago, and also have a 13-year-old daughter. The husband was a driver with a private distillery and their relationship turned sour when the husband was diagnosed with HIV a three years ago, the officer said.

“In her statement, she said that the only reason she chose to live with her husband was because of their daughter. The woman also said that he used to have a drinking problem. She claims that he would get drunk and come home almost every other day,” the officer said.

Police told TOI that the daughter had heard her parents fight but later found her father dead. The police, however said that the cause of death could be determined after the post-mortem report.

Although the accused claims that her husband died after she kicked him in the testicles, investigators have found injuries to his head. The police also want to determine if his medical condition played a role in his death.

“When we questioned the accused about her husband’s head injuries, she said that it must have occurred while she tried to get away from him when he forced himself on her,” the officer said.

The police have registered a murder case against the accused at the Bytarayanapura Police Station. 

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