Bengaluru man arrested for sexually harassing women cops on the phone

In addition to making derogatory remarks on the call, the accused also allegedly stated that he had committed a murder and raped a woman.
Bengaluru man arrested for sexually harassing women cops on the phone
Bengaluru man arrested for sexually harassing women cops on the phone
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Police officials from Bagalagunte police station have arrested a 30-year-old man who had been harassing women cops from the station. The accused has been identified as Ramesh Naika, a native of Andhra Pradesh’s Anantpur district, who had been staying at Manjunatha Nagar in Bengaluru.

Ramesh made multiple calls to the police station, using different phone numbers, and would speak to female officers in a very crass manner.

The accused had been using multiple SIM cards to make calls to the police station for a period of three months. He would call the station, and if a woman police officer answered, he would speak to her using extremely abusive and derogatory language. He had also allegedly claimed on the phone that he had committed a murder and that he had raped a woman.

On Wednesday, he made a call to the station at around 9:00 am. The woman police constable who attended his call took note of the number which appeared on the caller ID. Ramesh made a subsequent call to the station 30 minutes later using a different SIM card. The constable noted this number down too and reported the issue to senior officials. Police were able to track down his location using these numbers, and he was apprehended near Manjunatha Nagar in Bengaluru.

He was arrested on Wednesday after one of the cops he harassed managed to track his number down to pinpoint his location. Ramesh has been booked under IPC sections 354 (sexual harassment) and 353 (obstructing police from discharging their duty) as per reports.

Ramesh was reportedly upset over his pregnant wife’s absence since she had gone to stay with her parents for the time being and had begun making these calls. He would make the phone calls to the station’s landline after getting drunk, under the assumption that his number could not be traced if he called the landline number.

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