Bengaluru couple falls prey to fake gold racket, loses Rs 3 lakh

The couple registered a complaint with the police, who are now investigating the case.
Bengaluru couple falls prey to fake gold racket, loses Rs 3 lakh
Bengaluru couple falls prey to fake gold racket, loses Rs 3 lakh
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A couple residing in Bengaluru was recently cheated to the tune of Rs 3 lakh after being promised gold ornaments worth crores at a cheaper price. 

Kiran Parashar reports for The New Indian Express that a gang cheated the couple, promising to sell them gold ornaments and coins. 

The incident reportedly happened on July 21 when the gang handed over the jewellery to Dhanik Lal Yadav and his wife.

Modus operandi

Dhanik, an engineer and his wife, both residing in Mahadevapura, had gone to KR Puram railway station on June 25 to book tickets for their hometown. It was here that two persons approached them. One of them was a woman. 

The duo showed Dhanik a gold coin which they claimed was 400 years old and said that they had seven kg of gold ornaments in their possession that they were willing to sell off. 

According to TNIE, they claimed that they got the gold while working near a temple in Tamil Nadu and that they had to sell it off at a lesser price, for they were in dire need of money. According to the report, Dhanik gave his mobile number, following which, the duo repeatedly called him. 

Subsequently, on July 25, Dhanik and his wife were asked to meet the duo in Ulsoor with Rs 5 lakh in cash. The duo then gave two pieces of gold ornaments to Dhanik, who approached a jewellery store to check the authenticity of the gold. After finding that it was indeed gold, Dhanik returned to strike a deal for Rs 3 lakh.

Later, other ornaments were handed over. However, Dhanik and his wife soon realised that these jewellery were fake. Following this, they filed a complaint with Bharati Nagar police station, who is currently investigating the case.

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