Bengaluru-based startup Clinikk launches all-inclusive health subscriptions

Clinikk aims to bring down medical cost to zero by integrating health insurance with its comprehensive outpatient care delivery model.
Dr Suraj Baliga and Bhavjot Kaur
Dr Suraj Baliga and Bhavjot Kaur
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Clinikk, a Bengaluru based health-tech startup has launched all-inclusive health subscriptions that it claims will bring down medical cost to zero by integrating health insurance with its comprehensive outpatient care delivery model. Clinikk says it is on a mission to transform healthcare and create health equity for the 600 million Indians who are without proper access to quality primary healthcare in today’s day and age. 

“With this subscription model, Clinikk subscribers can walk into any of Clinikk’s 18 primary care centres called Clinikk Health Hubs in Bengaluru (16) and Hyderabad (2 inaugural, more coming soon) and avail unlimited, high quality medical care with ease. Clinikk network locations have been mapped to ensure that care is reachable within 15 minutes,” the company said in a statement. 

Clinikk offers an all-inclusive plan that offers families unlimited access to outpatient care (OPD) care as well as Rs 5 lakh cashless hospitalisation insurance cover, for a monthly subscription fee of Rs 500. The insurance cover has been curated specially for Clinikk members by an insurance partner. The subscription also offers Clinikk’s subscribers and their families, round the clock support of their family doctors either virtually or through Clinikk’s tech-enabled care centres. Additionally, the subscribers are also eligible for free diagnostics and medicines prescribed by the doctors.

Clinikk focuses on the “missing middle”- over 600 million Indians who can neither afford private insurance nor are covered by a corporate plan, but aspire for quality private care. Without access to an outcome focused primary care model as well as adequate health protection, this segment falls under the high risk category, staring at catastrophic medical expenses. Currently, health insurance options offer limited protection, mostly for hospitalisations alone, putting an inordinate amount of burden on out-of-pocket expenses for outpatient care, forming the major chunk of health expenditure.

“Health protection in India is a product-side problem because it only focuses on catastrophic medical expenses arising from hospitalisation but not on the recurring day-to-day medical expenses like consulting with a doctor, or getting blood work done,” said Bhavjot Kaur, co-founder and CEO, Clinikk. “Recurring medical expenses are equally impoverishing and therefore a holistic health plan needs to provide financial protection for both catastrophic as well as recurring health problems,” she added.  

“Clinikk’s technology platform assists its doctors with automated clinical decision support that are embedded into their workflows and ensures that patients get safe, effective, and protocol-based care. A tech-enabled Care Team model also allows Clinikk to deliver essential promotive and preventive care at scale and efficiently,” the statement added. 

Clinikk has raised $6.4 million so far from marquee investors such as MassMutual Ventures, 500 Startups, Times Internet and prominent angels like Kunal Shah, Rohit MA, Rajan Anandan, etc. Clinikk says it is on a mission to build India’s largest, value-based managed care organisation.

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