news Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - 05:30
  Image courtesy: A Bengaluru-based artist has alleged that due to the negligence of two doctors and city-based hospital Cloud Nine she lost her healthy reproductive organs.  In an online petition, 29-year-old Sandhya Vaidyanathan, writes that after one of the tests she underwent, a piece of gauze was left in her vagina.  (Gauze is a thin translucent fabric with a loose open weave.) "In May 2013 I was asked by my then gynaec ( Suman singh) to get the HSG test because I hadn't conceived naturally. I was asked to go to Cloud Nine fertility because apparently they were the best . Dr Uma who was supposed to do my procedure didn't even take the time to meet, inspite of me repeatedly asking to see her before they gave me the anaesthesia. Dr Uma , left a piece of Gauze inside my vagina, during the hysterosalpingogram or HSG test," she writes.  The test results were normal, but 11 days later, she says, she pulled out the guaze from her vagina "because it had caused a plug".  "The gauze was full of pus and blood and we didn't know how that would ruin our lives in the coming months. At that time. Dr Rita Billiangady , who is the clinic director for Cloud Nine fertility, underplayed the situation, told us that "whatever goes in will eventually come out."  The hospital refunded the amount for the procedure, but a few months later in January 2014, an infection in her left tube was detected. "We were so scared and we consulted several senior doctors who told us it was the gauze and there was no other option, but to operate . I was operated upon on July 2014 and they discovered a HAEMATOSALPHINX ( blood collection in the tube ). This was thanks to the massive pelvic infection from the gauze." She subsequently had to undergo three surgeries, all before she turned 29. "These years should have been the best ,healthiest and fertile years of my life. I had healthy tubes , healthy ovaries which I've lost fully thanks to the negligence of these 2 doctors, who played around with my life," she writes, adding that it took her a lot of courage to openly speak about her experience on social media.  Sandhya's petition on, which has received over 9,100 signatures, calls for the suspension of the doctors' licenses, compensation for the mental, physical, emotional and financial trauma she endured, along with a public apology. Dr Suman Singh denied all allegations against her and told Bangalore Mirror, "The treatment was done after taking a prior consent from the patient and she was aware of the consequences. She has to go through a proper channel like the Medical Council, rather than defaming us on social media." Sandhya took to Facebook to respond to Dr Singh's comment and said that she "never consented for them to leave a foreign object in my body". She added that following her petition, several women have written to her to share the problems they had faced with the doctor and Cloud Nine. @thenewsminute does this look like our allegation is false? The following finding has been made by Dr. Suman — sandhya vaidyanathan (@thatmasalagirl) July 22, 2015 A Cloud Nine spokesperson told The News Minute that "the allegations are false and we are working on it legally. We shall shortly come up with a detailed response."   
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