#BangaloreSakura: When the city turns into a riot of colours with spring

Food writer Monika Manchanda has started a trend on social media, inviting people to post pictures of the colours of Bengaluru.
Pink flowering tree Tabebuia Rosea in Bengaluru traffic
Pink flowering tree Tabebuia Rosea in Bengaluru traffic
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It is that time of the year, yet again, when Bengaluru’s streets are adorned with cherry blossom-like trees, turning the city into a riot of colours. Even the infamous Silk Board Junction is a sight to behold as trees like Tabebuia Rosea, more commonly known as the Trumpet tree, that line the roads are in full bloom. And to celebrate this, food writer Monika Manchanda has started a trend on social media titled “#BangaloreSakura” and is inviting people to display pictures of the colours of Bengaluru.

From Kundanahalli Gate to Cubbon Park, from Basavanagudi to Yelahanka, through Bengaluru’s length and breadth, trees with almost no leaves but laden with blooms are being photographed. It is not just the pink Trumpet tree but also the Java cassia, otherwise called pink shower or apple blossom, that has come into prominence.The bright yellow ones called Copper Pod and the trees with lavender flowers, shaped like small bells, called Jacaranda, have also caught the attention of Bengalureans. The bright pink Queen’s Flower, the vibrant yellow Nile Tulip Tree, the flaming orange African Tulip Tree...the list of Bengaluru’s beauties goes on.

Monika had introduced the trend by sharing a post on Instagram which includes some pictures of the trees outside her house in the colony where she lives. While describing this season as her most favourite time in Bengaluru, she added, “Bangalore, you really take my breath away”.

#BangaloreSakura has received an enthusiastic response on Instagram. A user on Instagram mentioned that the two things that Bengaluru did best were the blooms in spring-summer and traffic jams around the year in the city.

Another user, while sharing a picture of pink blossoms, wished that the spring season should bring good cheer and positive vibes to everyone on earth, and also drew a parallel with the situation of the pandemic, reminding people that many things had changed and that they had also gotten used to a new normal. The user invited people to share their responses about how they have embraced this change.


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Some people expressed their creativity while sharing pictures of the cherry blossoms. A user wrote a beautiful poem about the season of the pink blossoms. Some users also shared pictures of the flowers from the Tabebuia Rosea and mentioned that this season was their favourite time of the year. The pink flowers drew comparisons to Japan's famous cherry blossoms.


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A user even brought in Bernie Sanders from the USA and shared a post of him 'enjoying' the season of the pink blossoms in Bengaluru.

Another user posted a video of the Tabebuia Rosea trees in the area where she lives, along with a short note on how they beautify the city, sharing that the pink blossoms were one of the first things she had noticed when she shifted to the city.

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