Ayesha Meera murder: Hyderabad HC asks govt what action it has taken against errant cops

The court asked the AP govt to report whether it had referred the failures of the investigation officers to the apex committee.
Ayesha Meera murder: Hyderabad HC asks govt what action it has taken against errant cops
Ayesha Meera murder: Hyderabad HC asks govt what action it has taken against errant cops
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The Hyderabad High Court on Tuesday asked the government to explain what action it had taken so far against the errant police officers in the Ayesha rape and murder case.  

The Andhra police had framed a wrong person in the case.

On Tuesday, Ayesha Meera’s mother, Samsad Begum, demanded a re-investigation into the case.

She also sought action against the errant police officers for misleading the investigation by framing an innocent person.

“The people responsible for misleading the probe in this murder case should be punished. A new probe should be conducted. Government should make a better agency to investigate the case,” Ayesha’s mother Samsad Begum said, reported Deccan Chronicle

Following this, the Hyderabad High Court directed the Andhra government to inform it by August 8, whether it had referred the failures of investigating officers in the case to the apex committee, and if so, what the committee has done so far, the DC report added.

Ayesha Meera, a 17-year-old B. Pharmacy student was raped and murdered on December 27, 2007.

She was stabbed to death at Ibrahimpatnam in Vijayawada. Her naked body was discovered outside the toilet on the second floor of the hostel she was staying in.

Ayesha’s parents had maintained all along that the police had arrested an innocent person. They claimed that Ayesha was killed by a politician’s son and that it was Koneru Satish, grandson of former Deputy CM Koneru Ranga Rao, who was the culprit.

The man who was framed by the police was Satyam Babu. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Vijayawada women’s special sessions court on September 29, 2010.

Satyam Babu spent almost eight years in jail, for a crime which he didn’t commit.

On March 31, 2017, a division bench comprising Justice CV Nagarjuna Reddy and Justice MSK Jaiswal of the Hyderabad Court acquitted Satyam Babu of the charges.

The bench reprimanded the police and directed initiation of proceedings against three police officers, reported, The Hindu.

The bench found that there were several shortcomings in the investigation carried out by the police. They said that an innocent man had been shown as accused and proceeded against, while the real culprits had escaped.

Satyam Babu was awarded Rs 1 lakh as costs and the bench said that he could initiate separate proceedings to get compensation for being framed.

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