Speaking at the ThoughtWorks Live India 2018 conference, he said that AI would have a significant impact on human life and would be the cause for the next technological singularity.

Artificial Intelligence can have biases as humans ThoughtWorks India MDTwitter / @thoughtworks
Atom Tech Shorts Friday, November 30, 2018 - 17:05

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may show biases regarding conduct and response towards human beings, said Sudhir Tiwari, Managing Director of ThoughtWorks India.

ThoughtWorks is a global technology consultancy firm.

Speaking at the ThoughtWorks Live India 2018 conference in Bengaluru, he said that AI would have a significant impact on human life and would be the cause for the next technological singularity.

Technological singularity refers to the hypothesis that the invention of an artificial super-intelligence would abruptly trigger a massive technological growth, which might remain incomprehensible for human beings.

"Lot of biases, as I said... the training which you provide has hidden biases already and if you are using AI to provide loans... the historic data...unknowingly might have bias against a particular community, minority or gender," Tiwari said on Thursday at the fourth edition of the event in India.

He further said that AI might be an important tool for recruitment but it may show bias during the recruitment process, which human beings have been prone to.

Talking of concerns regarding the extensive usage of AI, he noted that job losses are inevitable due to the revolutionary technology.

"From the point of view of worries, I think it's simple, that a lot of jobs may go. I think most of us at some point think of the impact of AI and the kind of challenges it might bring," he said.

He said that although people have not realised, AI has entered their lives in some way or the other.

Talking about the relevance of AI, Tiwari said: "An AI-first approach is more relevant today than ever before because of easy access to expansive computing power, overwhelming data, connected systems and advanced algorithms."

"Given the possibilities of what AI could do, we need to ensure that AI is inclusive, unbiased and ethical. But, it needs patience. AI has a long way to go before we realise the full extent of AI innovations," he added.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the event, he also said that companies across the world, including India, have recognised the significance of technology and are hiring professionals such as Chief Digital Officers to enhance the digital front of the companies.

Several banks in India too have hired Chief Digital Officers, he noted.

(Rituraj Baruah is attending ThoughtWorks Live India 2018 in Bengaluru on the invitation of ThoughtWorks)

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