Arnab tells the nation about Snapchat

Goswami asked the Maharashtra govt if Snapchat was a larger concern for them than drought.
Arnab tells the nation about Snapchat
Arnab tells the nation about Snapchat
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Arnab Goswami is going viral again and this time, he attempts to explain to the nation what Snapchat is.

In the most recent NewsHour debate which went with the hashtag #TanmayRoasted, Goswami (amidst guffaws of laughter) reads out a definition of sorts for the application. He then goes on to ask (as the collective conscience of the nation) if the Maharashtra government should indeed be concerned about Snapchat when there are 28,000 drought-hit villages in the state.

The app has recently ushered AIB’s Tanmay Bhat into controversy for using the ‘face swap’ feature to make fun of Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar.  The jibe was not taken lightly by many, with Maharashtra’s MNS even filing a complaint against the comedian.

Watch the video here.

About seven minutes before he went live on the debate, Goswami went live on Facebook to opine on the controversy.

He said that the video was in bad taste and was "unacceptable." He added he was all for free speech but he didn't think that Tanmay Bhat had thought this through and as a result, made a bad example of a very good point.

Goswami had previously collaborated with AIB in a video called 'AIB: Unoffended'. Watch it here.

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