'Are you still working?' is the most annoying question I get: Actor Sayyeshaa intv

In this interview with TNM, Sayyeshaa talks about her role in 'Kaappaan', her Kannada debut, her thoughts on Arya's performance in 'Magamuni' and more.
'Are you still working?' is the most annoying question I get: Actor Sayyeshaa intv
'Are you still working?' is the most annoying question I get: Actor Sayyeshaa intv
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Actor Sayyeshaa who awaits the release of Kaappaan, her first this year, is excited. “I'm the only woman in this multi-star cast political-action-drama. The film’s director, KV Anand sir, always has nice roles for the women in his films,” she tells TNM.

And, the actor says, her role in the film would be quite difficult to read. “I play a government official and she has a lot of different shades to her. The audience might take a long time to understand all the shades that are revealed of this character,” she confides.

Kaappaan, by KV Anand, stars Suriya, Mohanlal and Arya in pivotal roles in addition to a bevy of other actors. The film will hit the screens on September 20.

While Sayyeshaa’s previous film, Ghajinikanth, was with Arya, her next titled Teddy too is with her husband. Not to mention the actor being a part of her immediate release as well. Are the two planning on working together from now? “Not at all,” laughs Sayyeshaa.

“In fact, he joined Kaappaan long after I had signed it. He did them quite a favour by stepping in for another actor who could not make it, unfortunately. We knew he was a part of it long after we had started shooting the film,” she explains.

While Sayyeshaa says it's too early to talk about their next film together, Teddy, she assures us that it's a very new concept. “The director (Shakti Soundar Rajan) is known for his unique films (Tik Tik Tik, Miruthan). But we’ve just started filming and it is too early to even be talking about it,” she adds.

Interestingly, her other film that’s in the making will mark her debut in Kannada. Titled Yuvaratna, the film is being directed by Santhosh Ananddram, and stars Puneeth Rajkumar, Boman Irani and Prakash Raj among others. And Sayyeshaa has been careful in choosing the script, she tells us. “I have been offered many scripts in Kannada but I’ve been busy with Tamil. This film will be special because it is the reunion of the director-actor duo. I’m very keen on doing it,” she says, adding “My role will be a very primal, very good role. Not at all like the usual heroine.”

As someone who feels her dancing skills have not been utilised to the fullest in the films she’s done so far, Sayyeshaa says her dream role would be that of a dancer. “I’ve trained a lot but I don't think the movies I've done so far have explored everything that I can do with dancing. There’s still lots more I can do. A role of a dancer would work the best for me,” she shares.

However, Sayyeshaa is wary of item number being offered to her. “I’ve been offered many but it depends on how they picturise. It has to be respectable. I haven’t done many of them because I was not comfortable with it,” she says.

With Yuvaratna, the star will be foraying into almost all major film industries, having done films in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil already. As someone who has eased into new languages, we ask if a Malayalam film is on the cards? “Ah, I think Malayalam is a difficult language! I find Tamil so easy in comparison. As for Kannada, I’m working so hard to memorise my lines. I haven’t thought of venturing into Malayalam yet for now.”

Having gotten married recently, what are some of the questions she’s tired of answering?  “Are you still working? That’s the most annoying question!” she says. “But I don’t blame anyone for it. I think for many years, it’s been like a “thing”. I’m still very young, I have lots more to do in my career. Even if for just a few more years,  I'd like to continue working,” she says.

However, Sayyeshaa feels such questions do not affect her work. “Times are changing. We have so many women stars who continue working after marriage. And honestly, my career hasn’t been affected. I’ve signed both these two films after getting married,” she points out.

It is the same attitude that the actor showed when dealing with the reality TV show controversy that popped up as soon as the couple announced their engagement earlier this year. Arya was the focus on Colors Tamil’s Enga Veetu Mapillai, where the actor was supposed to marry the winner of this modern dating show. The show was aired between February and April 2018 and was debated briefly when it ended without a wedding.

“It didn't affect me at all. It is a work commitment and at the end of the day, it is a reality show. You can't hold something against someone for what they did on TV. People need to get over that. The show has nothing to do with our relationship and marriage is something that is meant to happen,” says Sayyeshaa.

But the actor, right now, is pumped up about the response that Arya’s Magamuni is receiving. “Magamuni so different from all the film’s he’s done in the past. It is his much-needed break. Although I’ve also seen his Naan Kadavul, I think he’s outdone himself in this one. It might sound a bit weird if I say it, but he’s done so well and I like it a lot!” she says. 

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