A few early adopters have also complained of issues with installation and download, problems with first and third-party apps, and issues connecting to Bluetooth

Apples iOS update to rectify Spectre bug causing performance battery drain issues
Atom Tech Shorts Monday, January 15, 2018 - 14:07

The release of latest update by Apple to its iOS 11, iOS 11.2.2 was expected to solve an issue on the iPhones and reported by customers. While the update didn’t bring any new features, the update brought security improvements to Safari and WebKit to mitigate the effects of the bug ‘Spectre’ that affected nearly all iOS devices.

However, it appears to have ended up creating more issues. The way Apple’s latest OS has had to be rectified with updates and patches in a short span of 2 months from release is also something unprecedented. Apple generally gets it right the first time.

Now it is being reported that those who installed the upgrade iOS 11.2.2 on their iPhones are facing up to 50% drop in the performance of the device. This is causing quite a stir and the Cupertino tech giant has to do something very quickly before the situation gets out of control. Many users of iPhones and iPads have actually posted the results of the benchmark tests they did with their respective devices, before and after they installed the new upgrade.

It is reported that iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 owners appear to be facing a more acute crisis than possible the ones owning iPhone X or iPhone 8. One of them using an iPhone 6 has posted the results of the benchmark core tests done and the range of performance drop noticed varied from 39% to 41%.

A few early adopters have complained of issues with installation and download, problems with first and third-party apps, severe battery drain, and issues connecting to Bluetooth. Some issues with the iPhone X’s Face ID have also been reported.

Interestingly, Apple had indeed warned the phone users that the particular upgrade meant to mitigate the Spectre vulnerability would have an impact on the device’s performance, but the range indicated by Apple was in the 2-2.5% range. Experts are now not sure if there is some error in the upgrade itself or the issue the upgrade was meant to take care of, has precipitated this performance crisis for the users.  

And to the surprise of many, there are a few users who have posted their reviews stating they are seeing an improvement in the performance. Even this is a difficult to swallow, since Apple had itself mentioned there will be a drop.

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