Apple may unveil new iPhones on September 12

Analysts believe Apple plans to release three new smartphones, including one with a larger display than previous iPhones.
Apple may unveil new iPhones on September 12
Apple may unveil new iPhones on September 12
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When Apple holds an event, the entire world keeps a close tab on what’s about to be announced. And every year, the second week of September is eagerly awaited by fans and the trade alike. It’s happening this year on September 12 and from whatever is being gathered, the expectation is that there would be a flagship phone which may be called the iPhone XS.

Besides sporting a large display, there may not be too many modifications to the iPhone X. The other to would be the regular upgrades to the iPhone series. Apple uses these events every year to make announcements about some of the other devices like Apple Watches as well.

One speculation doing the rounds this year is about the colour of the iPhone XS. This is being surmised on two counts; one is the invite for the Sep 12 event has too much gold in it for one to presume the phone to be launched could be golden in colour. The two colours in which the Phone X was released last year were Silver and Grey. The other relates to an application Apple had made to the Federal Communications Commission in the US for a permission to launch a phone in the colour of gold.

The other bit of information is that the display may be LCD and not AMOLED.

Some sites have posted images of the phone in golden colour and claim these are real phones and not photoshopped, though there is no way of knowing how they could get hold of the phone before release.

There are no speculations yet on what the price of the new iPhones would be after having seen the iPhone X being retailed at $999. Only a strange comment came from popular Wall Street investor Warren Buffet claiming that that price being charged by Apple is lower than what the devices deserve. One will have to wait till September 12 to know that.

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