The cheaper version may not see downgrading of features to compensate for the drop in the price.

Apple likely to launch cheaper 97-Inch iPad in 2018 Report
Atom Tech Shorts Wednesday, December 06, 2017 - 09:59

Apple Inc is reported to be planning to launch its 9.7-inch iPad next year at a price point much lower than the current $329 (approximately Rs 21,200). This report seems to suggest that the price may be brought down to a more affordable $259 (approx. Rs 16,700).

Incidentally, this is already the cheapest available iPad in the market. If this report is proved to be true (there is no official confirmation of these details yet), then it might indicate a clear policy shift at the Cupertino based tach giant on its strategy to take on competition. The nearest rivals to the iPads are the tablets run on the Android OS and there is the unending desire to lure these customers to iOS. The Android tablets are definitely priced lower than the iPads. The fight on the pricing front is not new and has been going on due to Apple witnessing its sales of iPads drop year on year.

The repricing exercise may or may not see some downgrading of the features or specs on the iPad to take care of the drop in the price. These devices will be made by one of Appleā€™s vendors, Compal Electronics. The tentative timeframe being quoted now is around the middle of 2018.

There is also the ambiguity on the policy Apple will follow in respect of the current model being sold at the higher price. Will it also exist in parallel or will it be withdrawn? Questions like these are not yet answered and buyers, particularly in India who are waiting to see the iPad prices drop before making their purchase will have to wait till a clearer picture emerges directly from the company. Till such time, the above information may remain only as mere speculations. 

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