AP records 14 more COVID-19 deaths, East Godavari now has highest number of patients

The state has tested more than 10 lakh samples for coronavirus so far.
Healthworkers in Gurugram
Healthworkers in Gurugram
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Andhra Pradesh on Sunday recorded 998 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of active patients in the state up to 10,043.  While the state has registered 18,697 cases in total so far, 8,422 patients have recovered while 232 people in total have succumbed to the disease. 

In 24 hours ahead of Sunday 9 am, 14 people in the state died from COVID-19. Five of these patients who lost their lives were from Kurnool district, while three were from Anantapur district. Two people died in Chittoor and Kadapa districts each, while one person passed away in Krishna and one in Visakhapatnam district. 

A total of 20,567 samples were tested in the 24 hour period before Sunday morning. So far, the state government says they have tested more than ten lakh samples. 

While Krishna, Kurnool and Guntur districts continue to be among the worst affected districts, infections have gone up massively in the Godavari districts, Anantapur, Kadapa and Chittoor districts as well. East Godavari currently has the highest number of active patients on record (1155), followed by Kurnool (1153), Guntur (1063) and Krishna (1003). Anantapur district has 927 active patients, while Chittoor has 849 patients, West Godavari has 811 and Kadapa has 801 patients. 

Out of the 10,043 active cases, 775 patients have returned from other states after the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, and 226 patients have returned from other countries. 

Among the patients who have returned from other states, most cases were from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Delhi, Karnataka and Gujarat. On Sunday alone, 26 people who had recently returned to Andhra from Telangana tested positive for the coronavirus. Among the patients returning from abroad, a high number of cases were observed among those returning from Kuwait (334 total positives), followed by Qatar (18), Saudi Arabia (16) and Kazakhstan (15). 

Special Chief Secretary (Health) Jawahar Reddy recently said that the pandemic situation in Andhra Pradesh is currently at a "manageable" level. The ‘R naught’ value – which indicates the scale of transmission – is around 1.2 in the state, he said, adding that the situation would be considered uncontrollable is the value goes beyond 2. 

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