Voices Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute| June 24, 2014| 10.00 am IST Airplane omissions are one of the major causes of pollution today. And Greenpeace, an international NGO that campaigns against such issues, and has always been vocal about their anti air-travel stance. So many found it ironic when it was reported that Pascal Husting, Greenpeace’s International Programme director, has been a regular air-traveler since 2012. Husting, who lives in Luxembourg, is said to fly at regular intervals from his home to his office in Amsterdam, 250 miles to be precise, spending 200 pounds per trip, according to a report by Daily Mail. Flying to Amsterdam is the only option as a journey on the train would take him 12 hours, he justified. The report further states ‘Mr Husting’s travel arrangements were revealed just days after Greenpeace was forced to apologise for losing £3million of public donations in an unauthorised currency dealing.’  However, the Executive Director of Greenpeace in UK, John Sauven, was in support of Husting’s travel arrangements and he didn’t think “we’ve crossed that line here at Greenpeace”.
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