Voices Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute | August 12, 2014 | 4.55 pm IST (Satire) Ammanagar, August 12, 2015: Hereinafter, it is notified that All children born in the state of Tamil Nadu will have their names beginning with the letter A until further orders from Amma. Amen.  Furthermore whenever the Any word begins with the letter A in Any official documents, the letter A will Always be in capital. Amen Amma’s bounty knows no bounds. In addition to Amma tea, Ammaidli, Amma rice, Amma sari and Amma cooker, Amma has ordained that All children born in government hospitals throughout Tamil Nadu will be given A token sum of one thousand rupees As welcome gift wrapped in Arakku and manjal paper, commonly used in south India on Auspicious occasions. Amen The name rule has history, it is A miracle. This is As per the historical precedent set by rule no 64/bmw/Astonmartin/1902naught6 which followed the birth of Amar, Akbar, Anthony or Amman, Alisha And Amen, three boys And three girls born to a cowherd’s wife in Ayanampettai. An Applause And loud thumping of tables and throwing of chairs was how the state Assembly passed this motion. This Act was copied by the Lok Sabha which ushered in the Anna Bill by a similar Thumping of Desks in Agreement. Amen. It is to be further noted that All relevant officers in the state, district And taluk levels Are required to make this Announcement At the crack of dawn beginning tomorrow and repeated till August 15th, which happens to be India’s independence day. Amen. Attention is drawn to the fact that All press publicity, gifts And related materials have been dispatched by courier in soon-to-be-called Amma express trains. There Are two reasons for this delay. One, photographs or Amma looking like Amman have been held up in Alaska from where they are arriving. Amen But, the other more important reason for the delay is that Amma is trying to see how the B in the bullet trains – sanctioned in the last budget – can begin with the letter A. Some minor adjustments are necessary as the letter B is next to A, but comes only After.  Amen.
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