Amazon launches ‘School from Home’ store as demand for stationery, laptops surges

Recent search trends on shows over 2X increase in search for laptops & tablets, nearly 1.2X increase for stationery and a 2.5X increase for study tables.
Child attending online class
Child attending online class
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With schools across the country starting online classes for students to study from their homes, the demand for study and writing essentials, stationery, laptops, etc has been increasing steadily.

In a bid to cash in on this emerging market trend, Amazon India has announced the launch of ‘School from Home’ store.

This store, Amazon India says, has products curated for study and writing essentials such as stationery, laptops, tablets & pcs, headsets & speakers, printer and home furnishing, among others to help parents, teachers and students.

Recent search trends on show a surge in search for work and school from home products such as 1.7X increase in headphones and earphones, over 2X increase for laptops & tablets, nearly 1.2X increase for stationery. It has also seen over 2X increase for mouse & keyboards, 1.3X increase for printer, over 3X increase for routers and 2.5X increase for study tables.

Therefore, Amazon India says that the ‘School from Home’ store on has been created basis this insight to simplify the shopping experience for parents.

Amazon is offering a host of offers and deals on ‘School from Home’ essentials such as textbooks and study guides, stationary, writing essentials, laptops, tablets & pcs, keyboard & mouse,  headsets & speakers, printer and home furnishing like cabinets, bookshelves, study lamps, among others.

Earlier, Amazon India told TNM that it saw 1.5x the demand for furniture as compared to the pre-lockdown period, as customers searched for ergonomic furniture to set-up a comfortable workspace at home. Work & study from home furniture such as study tables, chairs and laptop desks have seen the highest surge with over 2X increase in sales, Amazon India said. 

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