While Alok Nath has denied Vinta’s accusations that he sexually assaulted her, Alok Nath’s wife, Ashu Singh, has now moved court against Vinta.

Alok Naths wife moves court against Vinta Nanda who accused actor of rapeImgur/Wiki Commons
news #MeToo Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 15:38

A few days ago, writer-producer Vinta Nanda came out with a heartbreaking account of how she was allegedly sexually assaulted by actor Alok Nath on more than one occasion, 19 years ago. Since then, actor Sandhya Mridul has also come out with a story of how Alok Nath sexually harassed her and misbehaved with her.

While Alok Nath has denied Vinta’s accusations, Alok Nath’s wife, Ashu Singh, has now moved court against Vinta. In a complaint addressed to Chief Metropolitan Magistrate in Mumbai's Andheri Court, Ashu has asked for the court to direct Amboli police to take cognizance of her complaint against Vinta and investigate the matter.

In the document submitted to the court, a copy of which is with TNM, Ashu says that Alok had acted in the serial Tara, on which Vinta also worked in the capacity of a writer. Ashu says that while the serial was appreciated first, subsequently the star cast and storyline had to be changed. Ashu alleges that Vinta believes it was because of Alok that this happened, and is making the accusations against him because of this grudge.

“The Complainant states that one Ms. Vinita Nanda i.e. the Accused herein was Writer/Director/Producer in respect of the said serial and accordingly, it seems that she has been carrying on an impression that because of the husband of the Complainant, the artists and storyline were required to be changed and the said serial had gone off the air and accordingly, she has been always having grievances against the husband of the Complainant though, she has been maintaining cordial relations with the Complainant and all throughout, she had never uttered a word against the husband of the Complainant,” Ashu alleges in the complaint.

Ashu states that after Vinta’s story was picked up by the media and publicized, the accusations have been made not only against her husband but also herself for “the purpose of defaming the reputation” of Alok “without there being any justified reason”.

She further argues that these things are “being encashed by way of utilizing the social media for the purpose of either gaining some name and fame and/or for the purpose of defaming the reputation of a person.” And because Alok has been named by publications that picked up the story and Vinta’s subsequent interviews, Ashu and Alok are “terrorized even as they move out” and people look at them differently.

Stating the above facts, Ashu accused Vinta of committing an offence under Sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code (defamation).

Ashu further says that though they filed a complaint under the sections with the police, the police stated that as this was a non-cognizable offence, they could not take action unless directed to do so by the appropriate court. With this, Ashu urges the court to take necessary action.

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