'Allwyn harassed me, swore to ruin Rosshan Andrrews' career': Woman involved in spat speaks

The controversy which is now a police case involves Rosshan Andrrews, Alwin's son Allwyn John and the woman.
'Allwyn harassed me, swore to ruin Rosshan Andrrews' career': Woman involved in spat speaks
'Allwyn harassed me, swore to ruin Rosshan Andrrews' career': Woman involved in spat speaks

For days, an ugly spat between Malayalam filmmaker Rosshan Andrrews and Producer Alwin Antony has been playing out on the media. The woman who was caught in the middle of the fight has now come out for the time first time and has pledged her support for Rosshan Andrrews.

"I was harassed by Alwin Antony's son and assistant director Allwyn John Antony. He later threatened to ruin Rosshan Andrrew's career when the latter tried to intervene on my behalf by speaking to Allwyn's parents," Sonia* told TNM. 

The spat 

On Sunday, producer Alwin Antony filed a police complaint against Rosshan Andrrews, alleging that the latter broke into his house with goons and attacked the producer and his family. The attack, Alwin claims, happened in his house in Panampilly Nagar in the wee hours of Saturday. According to Alwin, Rosshan had a grudge against his son Allwyn.

Contradicting this, Rosshan Andrrews stated that he and his friend Nawas, had gone to Alwin's house to sort out an issue when he was beaten up there. Many reports also suggested that the tiff began over Sonia, who was close to both Rosshan Andrrews and Alwin's son Allwyn John.

Alwin Antony's son Allwyn John had worked with Rosshan Andrrews in his film How old are you? and was allegedly fired after he indulged in substance abuse despite being warned. This is an allegation that both father and son have denied. They had instead alleged that Rosshan and Allwyn had a fallout over a woman.


Speaking to TNM, Sonia said that she had been working with Rosshan Andrrews for the past 3 years, when she had met Allwyn. 

"I have worked with Rosshan Andrrews sir since his film Kayamkulam Kochunni. We share a close bond and he is like my older brother. Six months ago, I had met Allwyn while both of us co-directed a music album for a mutual friend. We became a part of the same friends circle. Allwyn even asked me out once," Sonia told TNM. 

Following this, Sonia clarified to Allwyn that she was committed to her fiance, and Allwyn too backed off. 

"He apologised and said that we will remain friends. A few weeks later, when my alliance was fixed, I told Allwyn about it. He asked me to meet him the next day as he wanted to discuss something," she added. 

The following day, Allwyn allegedly attempted to persuade Sonia to break off her engagement. When she refused to do so, he allegedly misbehaved with her. 

"I had filed a complaint with the DGP regarding the harassment on March 19. I am waiting for the police to take action" she explained. 

Threats and abuses 

When Sonia disclosed the incident to Rosshan Andrrews, the latter met Allwyn's parents to explain the issue. From here on, things went south and Allwyn threatened to ruin Rosshan Andrrews' careers, Sonia explains. 

TNM has accessed recorded conversations in which Allwyn purportedly threatens to oust Rosshan Andrrews from the industry within a month,  for intervening and speaking to his parents. (TNM cannot independently ascertain the veracity of the recorded calls). 

According to Sonia, Allwyn had even called Rosshan Andrrews and verbally abused him for speaking to his parents. Sonia has also alleged that the Allwyn's family was showing her in a bad light and attempting to ruin her reputation in public. 

"Allwyn's parents know me well. I have gone to their house for functions. But now they are trash talking about me," she added. 

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