All-religion Shiva temple to come up in Kerala’s Thrissur

The temple’s construction will begin on Shivarathri day and it is expected to be completed in two years.
All-religion Shiva temple to come up in Kerala’s Thrissur
All-religion Shiva temple to come up in Kerala’s Thrissur
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In what is probably a first of its kind initiative in Kerala, a Shiva temple is all set to be built which will be open to faithful from all religions. 

The temple will see 108 Shiva lingas in it and will be situated at Thali village in Varavoor panchayat in Thrissur.

Nidhin TR reporting for Deccan Chronicle wrote that the temple will be built in one and a half acres of paddy field which was given to the temple authorities by the farmers. 

The initiative has been undertaken by functionaries of Thali Sivalaya Heritage Protection Samiti who also added that they are planning to plant a scared grove around the temple.

The idea of assimilating all 108 Siva Lingas under one roof and creating a temple, came after demands rose from the faithful to reinstate and protect several Shiva lingas and their platforms (peedam) which are left unattended across the village.

Most of them were in a decadent state and to protect them, the Samiti decided to build a temple and keep it open for all the religions. 

The Samiti unanimously agreed to create one temple for all the abandoned Shiva lingas as it is not practical to build one for each Shiva linga.

“The number 108 indicates different bhavas and names of Shiva (Shiva ashtottara shatnamavali) and the belief is that these many Shiva lingas existed during AD 900, during the rule of Chera kings who used to offer prayers at all these places in a day. 

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