All major reservoirs in Andhra nearing full capacity following heavy rains

Reservoirs in the Krishna and Godavari river basins received massive water inflows after heavy rains caused by a depression in the Bay of Bengal.
Srisailam Damm
Srisailam Damm
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All major water reservoirs in Andhra Pradesh are full to their brim due to the massive inflows following heavy rains caused by the deep depression that moved in from Bay of Bengal.

Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage in East Godavari district currently has a water level of 44.65 feet, storing 2.91 TMCs (thousand million cubic feet) of water. The barrage's capacity of 2.93 TMC is 99.35 % complete. The Cotton barrage falls under the Godavari river basin.

Similarly, Prakasam Barrage in Krishna district's Vijayawada is currently filled till 56.2 feet. With a capacity of 3.07 TMC, the Prakasam barrage is filled to the brim with inflows from catchment areas. It is at 100 percent capacity as of Wednesday afternoon. 

Officials are expecting 6 lakh cusecs of more flood water inflow into the barrage.

The Srisailam reservoir water level reached 885 feet, with the water storage level currently standing at 214.36 TMC. The reservoir in Kurnool district, with a capacity of 215.81 TMC is currently filled up to 99.98 %. 

Similarly, Nagarjunasagar reservoir, which has a capacity to hold 312.05 TMC of water, has water up to a level of 589.5 feet.

The reservoir in Guntur district is currently filled with 310.84 TMC of water, reaching 99.62 % capacity of the reservoir.

Pulichintala project water level reached 174.21 feet. It has a gross capacity of 45.77 TMC, which is currently filled with 44.93 TMC water or 97.81 % of its total capacity.

Somasila reservoir water level reached 328.22 feet. The reservoir in Nellore district has a gross capacity of 78 TMC, which is filled up to 94.81 % with inflows of 73.95 TMC. Somasila reservoir is located in Nellore district under the Pennar river basin.

Among the six reservoirs, four fall under the Krishna river basin (Prakasam Barrage, Srisailam, Nagarjunasagar and Pulichintala).

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