Aliens to Avengers: Funny theories on the mysterious ‘boom’ that Bengaluru heard

As the city waits for an official explanation on the sound, Twitter had some fun with their own speculations.
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While Bengaluru waits anxiously for somebody (ANYBODY?) to explain the source of the mysterious ‘boom’ that was heard across the city on Wednesday afternoon, Twitter naturally wasted no time in devising their own theories. 

It was heard in several parts of the city, including Hosur, Whitefield, Ulsoor, Vivek Nagar, HSR Layout, CV Raman Nagar, HAL, Cooke Town, and more. The sound is being described as “thunderous” and many reported experiencing tremors and saw windows rattle for a few seconds. 

Twitter’s suggestions, however, are a little more… creative. 

Perhaps Martians had descended (one more thing to add to the laundry list of 2020 occurrences):

Or one or more of the Avengers:

A big ol’ fart:

Or (a very loud) burp to add to the year’s woes:

Maybe this guy had something to do with it:

While we wait for the real reason, at least we have actor-comedian Danish Sait’s latest video to keep us laughing:

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