Watch what happens in this viral video that will make you go 'awww'.

 Al Jazeera has a BBC moment Child interrupts dads interview and its adorableScreengrab
Social Social media Friday, January 12, 2018 - 14:36

One of the most viral and loved videos of 2017 was one where East Asian political expert Robert E Kelly's very serious interview to BBC was videobombed by his adorable children. 

It's the beginning of 2018 and looks like the 'BBC dad' has got serious competition from someone else - an 'Al Jazeera dad'!

The news organisation tweeted this adorable video on Monday called it their 'BBC moment'.

The video shows an interview with Daniel Smith-Rowsey, a film historian. Daniel is talking about the Golden Globes in context of the sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood and his son enters the picture. 

"That's my child, excuse me," says Daniel, smiling at the news anchor on the other end. The latter says that it is quite okay for Daniel's son to be in the frame as they welcome youngsters on the programme. 

The adorable little kid is playing with a toy car and is happy to be in the frame, even as his father continues with the commentary on Hollywood in context of the #MeToo campaign. 

Here's what happens next. 

At one point, the child even runs his toy car down his father's shoulder.

He is clearly delighted to be part of the scene, and it looks like his dad is happy to let him have his two minutes of (adorable) fame on camera.  

But the most amusing part comes towards the end of the discussion, when the child, who has been presumably oblivious to the serious issue being talked about is asked by his father, "I think it's going to happen. Right, my little child?". He immediately responds to his father with a "Yes."

And while the interview is being wrapped up, the news anchor thanks Daniel for joining him from Berkeley. And in the background, behind Daniel's shoulder, is a tiny hand with a toy car waving his goodbye too!