After Tovino, actor Prithviraj lends support to Save Alappad campaign
After Tovino, actor Prithviraj lends support to Save Alappad campaign

After Tovino, actor Prithviraj lends support to Save Alappad campaign

The actor took to Facebook on Sunday afternoon to spread awareness on the sand mining that is swallowing up the coastal stretch of Chevara - Alappad in Kollam.

The #SaveAlappad hashtag campaign to raise awareness against beach sand mining in Kerala has found more supporters from the film industry. Taking to Facebook on Tuesday afternoon, actor Prithviraj wrote about the issue to spread awareness about the fast disappearing coastal stretch between Chevara and Alappad in Kollam.

“What bothers me most about the current that there is a furore when belief is questioned and religion is the debate. At the same time, the fact that the sheer existence of a people and the place they call home is in danger..and for some reason, it’s still the poor cousin of the favourite prime time news. I’m going to end this post with the expected hash tag. But this nagging thought that a hash tag is all it’s going to be is a little depressing. I can only hope..that this voice of mine joins an ever growing chorus, and sooner rather than later, we make enough noise that action is no longer a choice for the concerned authorities. #SaveAlappad,” the actor posted, evidently sharing his disappointment about prime time news prioritising Sabarimala debate over other serious issues.

Earlier this week, popular Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas mentioned the Alappad anti-mining campaign while addressing a Kerala State Youth Commission meet in Kollam. The Kollam Nanbans Karunagapally Town Council - fans association of Tamil Superstar Vijay - too undertook a protest march on the roads of Kollam town while waving yellow flags and holding #SaveAlappad placards to highlight the issue.

Meanwhile, the fisherfolk of the Chevara - Alappad coastal hamlets have gathered at the coastal town of Vellara Thuruthu and organised a relay hunger strike which has completed 69 days now. The protest is to stop the mining of beach sand from the 23 km coastal stretch of Chevara - Alappad which has resulted in chunks of land from the coastal stretch disappearing under the ocean. Since 1968, by two public limited companies, Indian Rare Earth, which comes under the Centre, and Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited have been mining sand from the coastal stretch located in Kollam.

Several fisher communities have had to leave their hamlets and migrate to other areas due to lack of water, lack of fish and  disappearing land. 

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