After Telangana woman stages protest alleging cheating, case filed against former MLA

The woman alleged that Ramana Reddy had been in a relationship with her for four years but had left her suddenly last week.
After Telangana woman stages protest alleging cheating, case filed against former MLA
After Telangana woman stages protest alleging cheating, case filed against former MLA
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A case was filed against former MLA and Congress leader Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy by the Subedari police in Warangal on Sunday after a woman accused him of cheating her.

On Sunday, Vijaya Laxmi held a protest outside Ramana Reddy’s house demanding justice. Images show her holding up two posters – one that read: “Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy, who sexually harasses women, must be arrested under the Nirbhaya Act” and the other read: “Ex MLA Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy, who harasses women, must be arrested”.

The police have registered a case against Ramana Reddy under IPC sections 417 (Punishment for cheating), 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 505 (Statements conducing to public mischief) and 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation).

“For the last four years, a man named Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy has told me that he would start a family with me. He was nice to me till Thursday also. Then he tried to leave me. When I questioned this, he and his brother tried to force themselves on me. They said they would kill me and noted my vehicle’s number,” Vijaya Laxmi told local media.

Vijaya Laxmi alleged that she went to Ramana Reddy’s house for an appointment and that even while she cried outside his house he did not come to meet her.

“He called the police and said that he would file a nuisance case against me. The police kept me at the station till 2 in the night. They asked me why I was crying, and said that I was creating a nuisance,” she added.

She said that she made the Circle Inspector and a lady constable listen to recordings of conversations.

“When they called Ramana Reddy and said that this woman has proof, he asked them to take my phone away. The CI and lady constable together confiscated my phone. They hit me. They took my bag, my two phones, my vehicle, my money – they have had all of these things for three days. If he didn’t do anything, why would they take my phone? It’s to tamper with evidence, right? To delete all call records. I should get justice. Ramana Reddy should be arrested,” she said.

The Congress leader, meanwhile, denied all the allegations.

“Today, there is an allegation against me by a woman in a daily newspaper. I was shocked when I saw that. This woman named Vijaya Laxmi has made a false statement that she’s had relations with me for four years and that I have cheated and left her. This is to damage my credibility and popularity,” he told media.

He added that his political rivals want to tarnish his reputation, which is why these allegations have been levelled against him.

“My political rivals want to damage my image with the help of that woman and with the support of some people since they are unable to target me directly. They have even used a woman to do politics. I condemn this. The allegations levelled by that woman are baseless and untruthful,” he said.

Speaking to TNM, Circle Inspector Sadaiah said that the woman has given a petition and that they are conducting an inquiry. When asked about her phone being confiscated, he said that it was seized as per procedure.

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