After Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra to play PT Usha?

The filmmaker feels only Priyanka Chopra will be able to do justice to the role.
After Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra to play PT Usha?
After Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra to play PT Usha?
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Filmmaker Revathi S Varma is keen to have Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra play the legendary athlete PT Usha and her team has been in talks the actor for nearly two years now.

Revathy revealed that Priyanka Chopra is quite interested in the project but that she's been too tied up with other films to give her attention to this. However, the director is set on having the star onboard as she is confident that only Priyanka can do complete justice to the role.

She added that Priyanka’s features match PT Usha’s perfectly. On the film, Revathy said that it will not be a documentary-type film but a complete entertainer that will show PT Usha not only as an athlete but also her childhood and what she is like as a mother and coach.

Revathy, speaking to the Times of India had said, “Priyanka has been interested in the movie from the outset, but in the past two years, she got busy with her Hollywood commitments. Whoever is the actress will need to go through rigorous training and preparations, and will need to keep aside at least a year of their time. Both Priyanka and we are hoping she can find the time.”

On doing a film about the legendary PT Usha, she pointed out: “There have been a lot of struggles behind her achievements, and she had to face criticism and rejection at a time when there were no social media to support her like there is for P V Sindhu today. She was the real face of women's empowerment. I myself have been amazed by what she went through as I learn more about her. We are still in the process of doing the research.”

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