He says that he was forced to implement it, and that few women voted for UDF showed that it was a bad policy

After losing polls former Kerala excise minister says liquor policy was impractical
news Monday, June 06, 2016 - 09:17

For the UDF in Kerala, its liquor policy towards prohibition in the state was a key campaigning tool in the Assembly Polls. But faced with a loss at the polls, former excise minister K Babu now says that it was an impractical policy and that he was forced to implement it against his will.  

“If the policy was a big success then why did the party fail in the election? None of the women voters voted for the party in the elections,” Babu said, according to The Times of India.

Pointing fingers at KPCC President VM Sudheeran, who had lobbied for the new liquor policy, Babu said the decision to close the bars was just to fulfil some leaders’ ego.

He also blamed party for his defeat in Thrippunithura.  “An impression was created among the voters that the party was against my candidature and the KPCC took almost seven days to announce my name as a candidate,'' said Babu.

“There was also an attempt to paint an impression that I am an advocate of the liquor lobby in the state,” he said.

As Oommen Chandy did not take up the post of Opposition leader by taking the responsibility for party’s failure, Babu said the party should take the responsibility of failure not Chandy alone.

Babu reportedly hinted at Sudheeran’s resignation by saying, “the organisational structure of the party should be revamped.”