Saturday, May 30, 2015 - 05:30
    Actor Pratap Pothan on Friday has issued a clarification over his controversial Facebook post criticizing Malayalam actor, Jayaram indirectly.   The actor-cum-director sparked controversy over his Facebook post criticizing a 'Malayalam actor' of being arrogant. Pratap, in the post said that the actor does not deserve the Padma Shri award that was bestowed upon him. He further accused the actor of being a racist.   Though he did not take the actor’s name, fans were quick to identify that the post was directed towards Jayaram, “who started his acting career through Pratap’s brother’s film company”, as the director claimed. Hours after criticism rained on the post, Pratak took down the post.   According to the Pratap’s clarification post, he contacted Jayaram to offer a role to Jayaram’s son in his upcoming film.    But, Jayaram refused saying that his son was busy and that he does not want to work with old directors. He wrote that Jayaram’s arrogance blew his lid off.   “He said no he does not want to work with old directors .....well that made me upset and hence I put out the status because as an actor there is a decent way of refusing ...and there is a nasty way ..he chose the nasty way ..and talked down to me (sic),” he wrote.   Pratap further clarified that upon realizing that the racist accusation in his earlier post would hurt Jayaram’s son who is set to make his debut in Tamil cinema, he decided to take it off Facebook. He dismissed media reports that alleged that he took down the post succumbing to pressure from Jayaram’s fans.   Although he wished Jayaram’s son a great future in the film industry, he wrote that he still maintains the allegations he made against Jayaram.   “Now I still maintain ....that what I said about him is what I truly feel about him ....and so do a lot of others ...... (sic),” Pratap wrote.