Abhishek Gowda, son of Ambareesh and Sumalatha, speaks to TNM about how he chooses films, his fitness plan and more.

Actors can learn from criticism and negative reviews Abhishek Gowda interview
Flix Interview Monday, July 01, 2019 - 15:28

He’s young, free-spirited and likes to take one day at a time. At 25, Abhishek Gowda is a star kid who’s different from the crop— in ways more than one. Though a second Sandalwood biggie is in the pipeline, Abhishek believes that there’s more to life than just politics, movies and work in general.

In a freewheeling interview, the son of Ambareesh and Sumalatha, discusses his hope for acting in a Netflix show some day and how cutting off from the world with a tub of chocolate is always a great idea…

While it’s always nice to have experts at home to consult before signing on the dotted line, Abhishek asserts that he’d never say yes to a film that he wouldn’t be excited to watch as an audience member, and wants to prove himself sans the illustrious surname. And, that’s what truly drives him— aside of fans who root for him, selflessly.

“The need to succeed, the hunger to achieve and prove oneself, and the desire to live up to both legacies I’ve been blessed to call my parents. It is a force inside me I think I’ve inherited from them. In the end, what truly motivates me today, are the fans. The men, women, and children who support me, relentlessly, with no personal gain. I do it for them… for their expectations of me. It’s a great motivator— but in all honesty some days I just want to forget the world relax and enjoy some chocolate,” says Abhishek, who is currently preparing for his second flick, and is tightlipped about it.

“The project is something I’m really excited about. All I can say now is it’s going to be BIG," is all that he will say.

One may assume that it’s been easy for him to make it to the top, given his family background. Surely, producers would be making a beeline with a plethora of offers for him to pick from? But, the young actor has a few things on his list he ticks off before choosing.

“First and foremost, the story the script and the screenplay, followed by the director and then comes the backing of a producer who understands the concept and is willing to invest in the project not just financially but with a personal interest and passion as well," he says.

Despite hailing from an illustrious filmy background, Abhishek likes to attribute the decision to enter cinema to sheer serendipity. Interestingly, he’s also unsure about what he’d be if it weren’t for movies.

“Who knows what I’d be, never planned on being an actor, it happened. I take life one day at a time... something very chill and laidback probably," he says.

On the personal front, Abhishek is also focusing on turning over a healthier leaf and watching his calories. “Try and consume fewer calories than you burn, hit the gym at least 5 times a week, get ample rest and try and make sure it becomes a part of your daily routine or else you’ll end up gaining weight or losing muscle etc. Honestly, this is an advice I need to follow myself right now,” he quips.

Being a star child makes the entry easy, but one also needs to be immune to trolls, criticism and crazy media scrutiny— all which already he seems prepared for.

“Some days you can’t take me off the (Insta)gram and some days I just don’t have the time or the energy to sit on social media. Where there is love there is hate, trolls are a part of the game, I suppose. I just choose to ignore them. I’d rather focus on those people who send me love and positive energy, trolls can go bless themselves," he shrugs.

But, on the other hand, he believes constructive criticism for work is always welcome. “Criticism and negative reviews from a professional aspect are tools we as actors can learn and actually benefit from. Nobody’s perfect, we are all learning, constantly improving and adapting in order to deliver a good film. Critics have their place, I will take from them what I can use to improve; for some, it can be demoralising. But, I try not to let it affect me personally. In fact, I’d rather just view it as a commentary on my professional work and move on to be better for the next outing.”

Relationships play a huge role in Abhishek’s life, and the one he shares with his mom ranks on the top. Needless to say, veteran actor and now politician Sumalatha’s words matter most for him.

“In terms of advice, the first person I seek out now is mom, earlier it would be dad and mum together. But I do take the opinion of a few close and personal friends, maybe tell them a bit of the story and see what they think and the like. But, ultimately, the decision lies with me.”

Abhishek also harbors ambitions to feature on Netflix someday.

“I'd love to do a series, I think digital platforms are the way of the future … but now is too soon I suppose. For now, there’s no 5-year plan and no 5-day plan. Life and fate have it written that I will end up where I am meant to be.. be it the stars or the sewers, I will accept my destiny no stress.” 

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