In her Instagram post, Tessa requested people to not engage in body shaming and view ageing as a natural and inevitable process, instead of passing comments about others.

Tessa Joseph is seen wearing a yellow top in the image. Instagram/Tessa Joseph
Flix Mollywood Friday, May 28, 2021 - 13:52

Actor Tessa Joseph, who is best-known for her performance in the 2003 film Pattalam, is gearing up for the upcoming soap Ente Kuttikalude Achan. The actor recently took to Instagram to share an important message about ageing and body positivity.  Sharing her personal experience from childhood, the actor criticised societal norms about body image that stem from conditioning. 

“STOP!!! As a child or as a woman, I have never heard anyone say to me, “you look perfect". I was always considered “fat” in their judgemental eyes and they would not hesitate to tell me that either. Society has set some rules over what your body should look like- Thin, fair, tall, and with curves. Based on this societal conditioning and constant body shaming, most girls I know think they are fat (sic),” she said in her note. 

Speaking about ageing, Tessa added that ageing is natural and inevitable, however, societal conditioning pushes one to believe that ageing is undesirable and people are generally encouraged to look young. 

“Another aspect is aging, which is both natural and inevitable. In this case too, societal conditioning makes aging appear undesirable and people are encouraged to look young. This is reinforced with images of actors and models who appear to defy aging and look young. Of course, what is unseen is the huge sums they splurge to maintain their young looks. I think it is high time to say that is perfectly okay to age, it is perfectly okay if your body size evolves naturally (sic),” she added. 

Tessa further noted that what matters is for an individual to be happy with their own body. She noted that nobody else has the right to pass comments and engage in body shaming and age shaming. She concluded the post by urging people to be empathetic and conscious of not hurting others’ emotions. 

“As long as you are happy with your body, nobody has the right to comment on it. I think we as a society should stop making people conscious and ruining their confidence through body shaming and age shaming and should instead show understanding. After all, we are all humans with emotions! (sic),” her Instagram post read.  

Tessa starred opposite Mollywood star Mammootty in the 2003 Malayalam film Pattalam.