"Your yathras, religious offerings and festivals should not block others way."

Actor Mohanlal criticizes processions for causing distress to the common man
news Mohanlal Friday, January 22, 2016 - 14:02

Actor Mohanlal has never shied away from plain-speaking. In his recent blog, he has come down hard on political yathras and religious processions in the state that block movement of traffic for hours thereby causing inconvenience to the common man.

He begins with an experience of one of his friends who happened to spend hours on the road due to 'Ayyappan Vilakku' procession while he was travelling from Kozhikode to Palakkad for a family function. The procession was on the road to Kochi airport and the actor bemoans how many might have missed their flights as a result of the delay.

The actor also appeals to political parties and religious groups to keep the common man in mind, since it is the season of Kerala yathras. He says, "During these yathras, our politicians, religious leaders, temple, church and mosque committee members please don't forget the common man on the roads."

"Your yathras, religious offerings and festivals should not block others way."

He says that people have to contend with narrow roads, a huge number of vehicles and violation of traffic rules to reach their destination on time. 

"It gives immense mental pressure," writes Mohanlal.

He adds that personal problems of people travelling on the road with illness, work pressure and stress would only get aggravated, due to processions by politicians and religious leaders.

According to the superstar, the religious and political leaders who block roads with their processions are answerable to these questions: "Why should I bear the pain for the success of your celebrations and religious festivals? What right do you have to block my journey? Are you aware of what problems this blockage is causing?

He continues: "This kind of practice that blocks the way of the common man cannot be seen anywhere else. Not bothered about others problems is a culture-less attitude. You might have majority support but that doesn't mean that you can take away an individual's rights."

He advises that politics and religion are needed, but there is no superiority to be achieved by blocking others on the road. 

"We need politics and religion but it should have the greatness to understand others problems and also should have the culture to respect others. You are not superior by blocking the common man on the road for hours."

"You are not inferior if you don't block other's path, it will only increase your superiority and it will heighten Kerala's cultural superiority," Mohanlal ends.

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