Most users focused on Manju's statement that Fidel taught her not to lose.

Actor Manju Warrier pays tribute to Fidel Castro fans read a reaction to ex-husbands weddingFacebook/ Manju Warrier
news Social media Monday, November 28, 2016 - 16:16

Malayali social media users have been watching actor Manju Warrier's official Facebook page like hawks ever since the news of the wedding between her ex-husband actor Dileep to Kavya Madhavan broke on Friday. 

While the Facebook pages of Dileep, Kavya, and Manju were flooded with comments about the wedding, Manju is yet to release an official statement from her end. However, she put up a short post on Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro after he passed away on Saturday.

In her post written in Malayalam, Manju said, "Castro was music for fighters around the world. In his struggle in achieving what he thought was right, there were people on his side, but he had to face the crowds and capitalistic friendships on the other side. He fought his rivals with will power and the strength of his thoughts. From the time I read 'My life,' the kind of inspiration it has given me, is not negligible. The future will remember him as someone who taught us not to lose. Adieu, dear Fidel."

Fans of the actor have chosen to read between the lines, applying her words about not losing and staying inspired to the Dileep-Kavya wedding. 

And so the post has received comments like: 

"People will remember you as a woman who refused to surrender her dignity. "

"We see a strong woman battling against all odds, in the post you have written for Castro. The Malayali community were eagerly awaiting your response."

"You shouldn't be defeated. She (Kavya, surprise!) will one day pay for your tears." 

Finally, one frustrated user brought attention back to the subject of the post in the long comments thread, saying, "What is wrong with these people? Manju wrote something, people are interpreting it in a totally different context."

Read Manju's post here:
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