Other female actors came out in support of Malavika Mohanan.

Actor Malavika Mohanan gives it back to those trolling her pic wearing tank top shortsInstagram
news Social Media Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 18:33

“You should not have exposed this much. This is too much. Why (do you) people make others enthusiastic by showing your own body.  This is bad"; "Show some more"; "Wish you woke up with bit more pieces of cloths on before posting"...

A few days ago, a section of Instagram users went berserk when Malayalam and Tamil actor Malavika Mohanan posted a picture from a photo shoot, in which she is seen wearing a tank top and a pair of denim shorts. The post was captioned: “I woke up like this. Just kidding. Took 2 hours of makeup and hair, interrupted by a lot of nonsensical chatter, last minute styling hear attacks, and some kickass skills and tutoring Rahul Jhangiani (celebrity photographer) to finally get this.”

The picture received the usual likes and comments from fans, some of whom even referred to her as Poongudi, her character in the Rajinikanth-starrer Tamil movie Petta. It also received many comments moral policing the actor for wearing “revealing clothes”.

While one person believed wearing “modern clothes’ is a “bad habit” that can have “bad effects” like “vaginal bacteriosis”, another man thinks “girls are getting spoilt” because of such outfits. “Why should we follow the westerners? Indian dresses like churidhar and sarees are just great for Instagram pictures. Whoever created these dresses will nicely get a tight slap from me!!! Because of these creations, all the girls are getting spoilt...” the man commented.

And this is how Malavika, who has 3,58,000 followers on Instagram, responded. She posted another picture from the same photoshoot, wearing the same set of clothes, in a different pose.

The caption read: “So many comments and opinions about how “a respectable girl should dress”. On that note, here, take one more picture of me sitting very respectably wearing whatever the hell I want to wear (sic).”

Cheers, claps and thumbs up icons and responses poured in, of course, amidst a few more trolls and criticisms.

Among those who came out in support of Malavika was actor Parvathy, who herself is no stranger to the number of trolls she faces almost on a daily basis, either for her liberal views or taking a stand on women and other social issues. “YAS,” commented Parvathy. Actor Srindaa, too, appreciated Malavika. 

Malavika, who made her debut in Malayalam movie Pattam Pole, was last seen in Petta and Majid Majidi's Beyond The Clouds.