Accused actor Dileep calls Nambi Narayanan a 'leading lamp in battle for justice'

The Facebook post by the actor, accused in a case of rape, seems to imply that he too, is being attacked, like Nambi Narayanan, for no fault of his.
Accused actor Dileep calls Nambi Narayanan a 'leading lamp in battle for justice'
Accused actor Dileep calls Nambi Narayanan a 'leading lamp in battle for justice'
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On Saturday morning, actor Dileep wrote on his Facebook page, "Congratulations Nambi Narayanan sir, in the battle for justice, you would shine like a leading lamp."

Accused in a case of rape, actor Dileep wrote the post a day after the Supreme Court declared compensation for Nambi Narayanan, a scientist implicated in the fake ISRO spy case of 1994.

Nambi Narayanan had fought a lone battle for years, not only to clear his name but also to bring to book the officers of IB and Kerala Police and the master conspirators of the case. On Friday, the Supreme Court announced a compensation of Rs 50 lakh for all the humiliation that the senior scientist at ISRO had to go through for so many years.

Dileep’s post congratulating Nambi Narayanan becomes significant since it implies that he too is being attacked for no fault of his, and that he too is innocent.

The actor was arrested last year for his alleged involvement in the abduction and sexual assault of a woman actor in Kochi. He served three months in jail before coming out on bail. The case is still going on and Dileep still remains an accused. But he has been active in films, with new releases such as Ramaleela and Kammara Sambhavam coming out in the months that followed.

In Ramaleela, the story appears to reflect on Dileep’s real life situation, portraying him as a falsely accused man. However, towards the end, it is revealed that he had indeed been the mastermind behind the crime.

The comments on Dileep’s post on Nambi Narayanan are mostly from fans, giving him support and courage with words like ‘You too shall receive justice soon’ and ‘All false and conspiratorial cases will fall like this!’ and ‘Like this, we will also hear Dileep ettan’s news’. But there are also a few mocking his post. One comment says: "If Govindachamy (convicted rapist) had a Facebook page, he too would have made such a post."

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