Investigation is biased in Bharath's favour as he is from an influential family, says Devi's family

 Accident or murder in Hyderabad 5 questions Devis family are raising about her deathFacebook/Devi's Cry For Help
news Crime Friday, May 06, 2016 - 19:34

Speculations have been making rounds of the circumstances behind Devi Reddy’s death on May 1. According to a report, the 21-year-old engineering student from Hyderabad met with a fatal road accident while returning from a party. However, Devi’s kin are alleging foul play, saying that that the facts around her death being a result of the car crash do not add up.    

1.       For starters, Devi’s family and friends say that the police are making a biased case in the favour of Bharath Simha as the latter comes from an influential family.

However, the police have denied any such bias –

“He may or may not be from an influential family but such things are not important for us.”

2.       Usually in case of an accident, the damaged vehicles are not immediately removed from the site. However, according to eyewitness accounts, Bharath’s car was removed within 30 minutes of the accident.

Devi’s family members are also raising questions based on the damage caused to the car. Had it actually hit the tree, they allege the evidence of damage should have been in the front bumper of the car. Further, damage should have been caused to the tree as well.

However, the side and the top of the car sustained heavy damage.

3.       On the night of the accident, Bharath and Devi left the Beats Per Minute (BTM) around 2 am according to her family. However, pubs in Hyderabad cannot stay open post-midnight without permission.

“[Pubs in Hyderbabad usually stay open till] 12 am. Some pubs in 5 star hotels take permission [for staying open till later],” said the Cyberabad Commissioner of Police.

The police have said that they are trying to get the CCTV footage of the BTM so that they can have a clearer picture of what happened that night.

4.       Soon after the mishap, Bharath Simha Reddy deactivated his Facebook account. However, according to the police he was in the police custody after the accident. The question that Devi’s kin are posing is how he had access to the phone and internet when in police custody.

The police meanwhile have provided no answers with their response –

“He was in front of us and we seized his phone immediately. How can he delete his Facebook profile?”

5.       According to Devi’s sister, she was wearing a jumpsuit with strap. However, when the body was found, the straps were missing.


Deputy Commissioner of Police Venkateshwara Rao Aravelli told The News Minute that the investigation was ongoing and they were hoping to solve the case by Saturday.

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