Abducted actor goes after Dileep, warns of legal action for defaming comments

Actor Dileep indulged in victim blaming that has angered the survivor.
Abducted actor goes after Dileep, warns of legal action for defaming comments
Abducted actor goes after Dileep, warns of legal action for defaming comments
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The Malayalam actor, who was abducted and allegedly sexually assaulted in February, has hit out at actor Dileep for making derogatory statements about her. 

Ending months of silence regarding the incident that happened on the night of February 17, the actor issued a press statement on Tuesday. 

Saying that she was cautioned by the police against speaking to the media about the incident, the actor said that she abided by their advice, taking the the possibility of the investigation getting affected.

But now, a flood of information on the media related to the case has forced her to break her silence, she said.  

"Now, the names of a lot of people, suspected to have a hand in the crime, are cropping up. I came to know of this only through media reports. I haven't told the police anything to deliberately punish or save anyone. Even on social media, I haven't taken anyone's name. Among the names that are being mentioned, I do not have any evidence to prove the involvement of anyone. Neither do I have any evidence to believe that they are not involved," she said. 

Although she did not name actor Dileep directly, her comments clearly show whom she is referring to. 

"It has come to my notice that a male actor made a statement that I am friends with the accused Pulsar Suni and that I should have been careful while selecting my friends. This has caused me immense pain. If need be, I am ready to take legal action for spreading baseless rumours about me. My conscience is pure. I fear no one. I will face all enquiries,"  she said. 

On Monday, actor Dileep, who is facing heat over allegations of his involvement in the crime, took part in a discussion on Reporter TV. Vouching for his innocence, Dileep said that the woman actor and the prime accused Pulsar Suni were friends and had "gone around together" to Goa. 

"Shouldn't we exercise caution while choosing our friendships? I am a person who does that," Dileep had said. 

The woman actor also dispelled rumours that the investigation had stalled and said that she has placed faith in the police to find out the truth. 

Although the actor had maintained a dignified silence about the crime until now, she has been lauded by her colleagues and fans for her exemplary courage in coming out to report the incident. 

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