news Monday, May 18, 2015 - 05:30
On Saturday, Gurgaon AAP councillor Nisha Singh was allegedly beaten brutally, dragged by her hair and then arrested by police in connection to violence during demolition of slums by Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) in Sector 47 of Gurgaon.  Singh who is in jail since Saturday was arrested along with nine other women and charged with rioting and attempted murder.  Two days after her arrest, a petition was started by Manoj Khera to release Singh from custody that has so far gathered 3,000 supporters. While her bail plea has been postponed, the petition condemned police inaction calling for her release.  “The physical assault on an “unarmed” person (in this case a lady), followed by arrest, especially when there is no reported evidence of the assaulted person being a threat, is against a citizen’s constitutional right to life and liberty with dignity,” reads the petition. According to NDTV, Singh had only been filming police action when she was arrested. Addressed to the sessions judge, the Commissioner police of Gurgaon, and the Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon, the petition called for her release from police custody. Nisha Singh ( Image source: Many people who signed the petition expressed their reasons for doing so. Some claimed that they were opposed to the police brutality and others said that this is a case for which the Gurgaon police must be held accountable for their actions.  A graduate of London School of Economics, Singh joined AAP last year.  However, the arrest took on a political turn after AAP alleged that the police spared senior Congress leaders who were also amongst the protesters. The twitter fraternity came together to express their concern for Nisha Singh. Here are some of their tweets below.   There shud b strong action agnst Police for mercilessly beating up #Nishasingh Gurgaon councillor behest for video filming a demolition — AapkaRavi (@ravi4354) May 18, 2015 @AamAadmiParty @rahis28 why there is no support for Nisha Singh Gurgoan counsellor by AAP?     — Hamza (@MusheerAlm) May 18, 2015 AAP Councillor Nisha Singh Allegedly Dragged, Beaten Before Arrest in Gurgaon - Frm LSE to rioting? Ggn Police lying     — ashok (@ashokmajumdar) May 18, 2015 #ModiMinistry AAP Councillor Nisha Singh Allegedly Dragged, Beaten Before Arrest in Gurgaon     — #ModiMinistry (@iVoteForBest) May 18, 2015 #JungleBJPRaj The way police mercilessly beat up #NishaSingh, is there any diff btwn BJP ruled police and Naxalites?     — Anjani for #SWARAJ (@ReclaimBharat) May 18, 2015 Here's what happened to councillor @NishaSingh, now in jail four days with an idiotic attempt-to-murder charge:     — Prasanto K Roy (@prasanto) May 18, 2015 #NishaSingh A Gurgaon counselor beaten up by women cops for helping villagers. No uproar in media and no protest. . #ModiInSouthKorea     — Lonely Girl (@TweeterGOD_) May 18, 2015 Please protest against manhandling n arrest of Gurgaon MCG councillor Nisha Singh.Why treat a woman so appallingly?     — Jyoti Bhargava (@jyotibhargava) May 17, 2015 #freenisha #gurgaon civil society will rally behind @nishasingh if not granted bail. she is a symbol of hope for in a repressive regime     — Mukta Naik (@MuktaNaik) May 17, 2015 :( Horrific, brutal attack by Gurgaon cops on MCG councillor @NishaSingh, for filming a demolition in her ward.     — Prasanto K Roy (@prasanto) May 17, 2015