Pankajakshi has no teeth left but has plenty of spirit!

The 94-year-old Chiri Ammachi of Kerala cant stop laughing and the Internet loves herScreenshot
Flix Social media Saturday, December 24, 2016 - 17:14

Feeling sad? Chiri Ammachi to the rescue. Watch this video of a 94-year-old woman from Kerala who can't stop laughing!

This viral video features the most cheerful person you'll ever see in your life. As the introduction goes, Ammachi sees the funny side of all issues and has no complaints about life whatsoever. Pankajakshi, the nonagenarian, comes to the temple every day, in the morning and evening, to clean the surroundings. 

Clad in a simple white mundu and blouse, Pankajakshi Ammachi has no teeth left but has no dearth of spirit. She's bursting into laughter even before the camera approaches her and is laughing all through the narrator's introduction of her. Though doubling up with laughter, Chiri Ammachi does manage to wave her hand and say hello to the viewers. 

Love for Ammachi's infectious laughter is pouring in on social media. The video has garnered about 67,000 views since December 23, when it was posted, and people have only good things to say about her. 

Nothing more is known about Pankajakshi for the time being, but if you're feeling low, take a minute to watch Chiri Ammachi and beat the blues.