news Wednesday, July 01, 2015 - 05:30
  So the FB post in the image above has been doing the rounds since's CEO, check that, *former* CEO Rahul Yadav resigned from the company following a battle between him and well, the rest of the world. So if you were wondering if that was the only post on his FB page that was funny, stop. Here are a few others, in chronological order starting with the lastest.   So this was yesterday, Rahul preparing for the management meeting. Yes, he does seem to be in love with Robert Downey Jr.   After ET reported that Quikr was buying Housing, he put Housing up for sale on Quikr. Heh.   Rahul 'megalomaniac' Yadav. Yeah yeah, the whole world is conspiring against you. Fine, we get it.   The eternal love affair between Rahul and Times Group.   What's playing out now is probably what happened after this picture was taken. They ate him up, and he is nowhere now.   Pulp Fiction fan? Really? Why are we not surprised?   Rahul vs. Investors. Masterstroke. Here is the link to the video.   And the last one. You showed the finger to way too many people, Rahul.    
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