8 reasons working from home is awesome for us and our bosses

Number 4 is our favorite: Wear what you want, nothing at all!
8 reasons working from home is awesome for us and our bosses
8 reasons working from home is awesome for us and our bosses
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Ours is a hyper-connected world and it doesn’t matter anymore where you are, as long as your work is digital. And most of our jobs are digital, involving just us and a laptop.

 “Going to work”, whether one really worked at an office or not, used to be the main requisite for getting the paycheck at the end of every month. Not anymore. Working from home isn’t a new concept, but there’s still a lot of reticence about the idea. So here’s eight reasons working from home makes for happier, more satisfied employees and adds to work efficiency:

1. Save on travel time and fuel: Especially if you are in one of the bad-traffic metros like Mumbai or Bengaluru, you could save anywhere between 2-3 hours by just working out of home. This will also make you generally less angry in life – no bad roads, stupid motorists or irritating traffic jams to put up with. You will also save fuel money.

2. Cook while you work: All that time you’ve saved isn’t just a chance to goof off though. You finally have the leeway to get on that diet you’ve postponed for years because of “work stress”. As the dal boils, the rice cooks or the chicken gets grilled, you can get quite a bit of work done. Healthy, home-made food, saved lunch money – and hey, cooking is fun!

3. Less interruptions, more work: No more long meetings, boring conversations, and forced water-cooler bonding sessions. The atmosphere is quiet, stress levels are lower and more work gets done. And yes, no silly office politics!

4. You can wear what you want, or nothing at all: There is something liberating about working in your pajamas, or even better, working naked. No wasting time choosing what to wear, no having to sweat it out in uncomfortable formal clothes, and no worries about how you look.

5. You spend more time with family: Family interruptions can get irritating, but if you plan your routine right, you can actually make more time for family, or even friends. With little to distract you during the day, you can wrap up earlier and even manage a party or a wonderful dinner somewhere. For working mothers and father, especially those who have kids, this is a godsend. Work/life balance, here we come.

6. Happy employees don’t quit: And employees with the option of working from home are happier, and appreciate that flexibility. This is an incentive for them not just to stay in the job longer, but work harder and deliver more.

7. Output driven performance appraisal: No chaploosi can work if you are not in office. The pressure to deliver while working from home is more, because you have to prove you are not whiling your time away – so you will have to work to deliver results.

8. Entertain yourself while you work: Some of us work better in near quiet, and some of us need that bit of music to get the energies flowing. The best part of working at home – no coworkers to complain when you have “Neruppu Da” on full volume while you write that report or even when you sing along loudly and out of tune. And if you need a break, who’s to stop you from catching up on that episode of a TV series you missed, as long as you’ve hit your targets

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