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The News Minute| December 1, 2014| 4.56 pm IST A 77 year old woman in the US is regarded as a true inspiration for most people around her, as she is one of the very few heavy weight lifters at her age.  Willie Murphy saw a poster for power lifting at her YMCA a few years back and decided to take it up, reports The Independent. She can one-handed push-ups, push-ups on her fingertips and do a dead lift of over 90 kgs.  She even went on to win the "Lifter of the Year" award at the World Natural Powerlifting Federations Championship this year.  Murphy says that it is not about the amount of weights she can lift or the awards; rather it is about the fact that powerlifting facilitates her to live an independent life where she can shovel snow by herself and carry her own grocery bags. It is a big tool in helping her lead a strong and independent life even at her age, where most falter due to weakness and health problems.  Watch her inspiring story here:
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