Under the Technical Internship Training Program (TITP), India can send blue-collared workers to Japan and this could potentially provide employment to thousands of Indians.

1st batch of construction workers from India arrives in Japan on paid internship program
news Employment Wednesday, December 04, 2019 - 20:18

In what comes as a boost for blue-collared workers in India, the first batch of construction workers arrived in Japan on a paid internship as part of the Technical Internship Training Program (TITP). The TITP agreement was signed between the two countries in October 2017, under which India can send blue-collared workers to Japan. 

There are two categories of blue-collared workers that have come to Japan before under this program viz. factory workers and nurses. But, this is the first batch of construction workers that has been brought to Japan.

Raj Group Pvt. Ltd. in Tokyo and its associated organisation CHI-SKILL,, facilitated the passage of the construction workers to Japan. 

Speaking on the development, Anil Raj who is the president of Raj Group, said, “This is a specialised program called TITP. It is already working in Japan. The whole idea of this program is to train people from countries like India on technical skills for three years, which can be extended by two more years. It is a paid internship that is equivalent to a normal salary. It is just like a job but the visa will say paid internship. They will get a monthly salary for the entire duration.”

India’s Ambassador to Japan, Sanjay Kumar Verma, received the TITP candidates at the Indian embassy and wished them luck. He also advised and guided them about the challenges they could face and how they could overcome them. On behalf of the embassy, he also offered full support to make their stay comfortable. 

The Ambassador also congratulated the team behind the success of this mission. He enquired about the challenges the team faced in the whole process and also assured full support from the embassy to sort out any issues.

Among the people who attended the meeting were: Nityanandan Balakrishnan, In-Charge of TITP, Rajgroup Pvt.Ltd.; Koichi Abe, Deputy Chief Director, COOP; Kigyo Kouryu Center (Supervising Organization); Toshihiko Yamaguchi, Team Leader, COOP. Kigyo Kouryu Center (Supervising Organization). 

The TITP scheme includes 14 categories of blue-collared workers and this visa is meant for non-graduates and school dropouts. The program is for a 5-year duration after which the workers can either apply for a visa in another category to extend their stay in Japan or return to India. 

Anil Raj said that the first batch is a trial batch of three people since a lot of documentation was involved and it took almost 6 months to get everything ready. There is no previous experience of organising this and all the documentation is in Japanese. 

He added, “If this is successful, we can bring thousands of Indian workers here because there is a big shortage in Japan. The workers’ saving potential in Japan is 3 times more than what they are earning currently in India.”

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