18 years of Prabhas: Seven times the actor proved his mettle

His first film 'Eeswar' did not do well but he was noticed for his role as the angry young man.
18 years of Prabhas: Seven times the actor proved his mettle
18 years of Prabhas: Seven times the actor proved his mettle
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Much loved Telugu actor and now pan Indian star Prabhas has finished 18 years in the film industry. He started his journey with the Telugu movie Eeswar which released on November 11 in 2002. Though this movie did not attract the audience much, Prabhas was noticed for his angry young man role.

In his journey from Eeswar to Saaho, there are many movies which have left an imprint in the audience's hearts. There are several scenes, be it action, romance or comedy, where Prabhas has proved his mettle as an actor.

Here are seven scenes from Prabhas's films that still make his fans go wild:

1. The interval bang in Chatrapathi: This scene still gives goosebumps to his fans. This is a high intensity fight scene which elevated Prabhas to another level under SS Rajamouli’s direction. In this scene, Prabhas can be seen expressing his anger through his body language with minimal yet powerful words: "Chaalu, ika chaalu!" (Enough is enough), this after the villains injure one of the children from their group, who wishes to travel to his hometown.

2: Lead up to Varsham climax: Within a three minute span, Prabhas can be seen showing multiple variations depending on the requirement of the situation. He does not have a single dialogue in this scene, but he does a great job just with his expressions. He can first be seen as an angry boyfriend after the break-up, then the scene slowly builds up to a romantic situation, and then the villain starts attacking the couple. There's a fight in the rain following this.

3. Comedy scene in Raghavendra: This scene where Prabhas can be seen eating carrots became quite popular when the film released. In this scene, in order to threaten comedian Brahmanadam, Prabhas just bites a carrot, and the sound triggers so much panic in the comedian. Prabhas does not have any dialogues in the scene, but his expressions are funny.

4. Mirchi climax: This scene is loaded with heavy, emotional dialogues which are eloquently delivered by Prabhas in the middle of a fight sequence. In this movie, Prabhas goes on to stay in the villain’s home, hoping to reunite two rival families. At the end, when this is revealed, a fight breaks out. Though Prabhas's character tries to put up with it all patiently, he finally loses his forbearance and talks about his motives behind arriving at the house.

5. Billa transformation scene: Prabhas acted in the dual roles of Ranga and Billa in this film. While Ranga is a funny character, Billa is a don. The scene when Ranga transforms into Billa after the latter's death is humorous yet stylish, showing the audience the difference between the two roles.

6. Tragic scene in Billa: In the same film, when Billa is about to die, his conversation with the police officer (Krishnam Raju) also brought out Prabhas’s best performance. Billa speaks about how he grew up, declares himself as the emperor and dies in the car.

7. Song in Baahubali: In the magnum opus, Prabhas proved himself to audiences across the country. The song 'Dandalayya Dandalayya', which focuses on how he lives once he comes out of the Mahishmati kingdom, runs mostly on his expressions, where he is seen as compassionate, smart and loving in various situations.

Prabhas is currently working on the sets of Radhe Shyam, starring Pooja Hedge as the female lead. Another film, Adipurush, is also on the cards. There's also the Nag Ashwin film with Deepika Padukone in the pipeline.

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