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The News Minute| December 5, 2014| 11.00 am IST The dream of going on a world tour, visiting exotic foreign locales remains an unfinished one for many people caught up in the regular humdrum routine of life. One 32 year-old ex-PR professional, Sachin Bhandary fed up with the monotony of sitting and staring at his computer screen all day, decided to hang up his boots and complete his dream of travelling around the world. And that is the story of how Bhandary set up the 12 Project – a project to travel across 12 countries in 12 months. Bhandary, who has always been fascinated with odd and quirky things, plans to explore and learn one unique aspect belonging to each country. Bhandary's plan is to take up one odd project every month.  Spending almost an entire month on an Indian Railways train, searching for Tamil-Sinhalese friendships in Sri Lanka, attempting rock climbing in Thailand and learning salsa in Peurto Rico all feature as part of his quirky, challenging itinerary. The 32 year-old public speaker plans to execute this project by crowd sourcing it.  The donation plan is simple – 12$ (Rs. 750) from each contributor to fund 12 months of travel. “While researching I found out that it is a norm for creative projects to seek crowd funds in the US and other parts of the world. Ours is a dynamic society, many people have new ideas & want to pursue them. I see nothing wrong with seeking monetary support for such ideas. I am sure a few years down this will become common. The expenses of the project will be all transparent – all displayed on the website and my travel will be as frugal as possible” said Bhandary in an email interview with the News Minute. He plans to elaborate his experiences in each country in his blog.   .  The blog contains details about his other travels, where he has backpacked across Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia in 45 days. He has also done a tour of Europe with his mother.  “Through this year, I am hoping that ‘The Odd Traveller’ and ‘The 12 Project’ build a great audience. This community of like-minded people will then be Odd Travellers themselves pursuing or wanting to pursue odd, interesting and immersive travel projects,” said Bhandary. To contribute to The 12 Project, visit: http://igg.me/at/12for12 Also, connect with Sachin on twitter at @theoddtraveller